Did You Know You Were Psychic?

Have you ever wondered if you had any psychic abilities? How do people who do go about enhancing and utilizing their gifts? Isn’t being psychic a bunch of nonsense? Are you just imagining a strange woman peering into a crystal ball spouting off a lot of things that don’t seem to fit you at all?

Well, let me tell you, it is not nonsense, at least, from my experience! Yes, yes -I am sure I will get many shooting down what I say, but, I shall enlighten those who are curious anyways! According to Melissa Alvarez, author of Your Psychic Self, your psychic abilities starts with recognizing, harnessing and enhancing your intuition. Now, this might be confusing for some. So let’s discuss a moment what true intuition is.

Here are a couple of examples; Have you ever heard the phone ring and knew who would be before you answered? Or, have you ever been in line at the store and suddenly was overwhelmed by a feeling of grief and just “knew” that the husband of the woman in front of you had just passed; and this was confirmed moments later by overhearing a conversation between her and the cashier? Alvarez would say you were being clairvoyant and empathetic in these two instances. Everyone has intuition and has it to varying degrees; some people’s intuition is higher or more in tune than others. But everyone can work on enhancing their intuitive powers at whatever capacity they start at!

So what all types of “Clair” abilities are there? Let’s venture into some, shall we…


Clairvoyance is a French and Latin word meaning “Clear Vision.” It’s definition is the ability to see visions without using one’s eyes; by having an intuitive knowledge of people or things or to perceive within the mind’s eye (third eye.) Someone who is clairvoyant is able to know information; past, present, and future. As a clairvoyant, you may see events that have happened before or will happen later. You may also see angels, spirit guides or ancestors. You may also be able to see situations happening in another’s life.

It can manifest in all sorts of ways! You may see entire scenes play out or just bits and pieces. You could see numbers, symbols, or objects that give you an impression about something. It supposedly feels like information come from outside of yourself; knowledge of something you know you should not know about on your own.


Meaning “clear hearing” is when you can hear sounds coming from the spiritual world. You may hear things like music, voices, ringing, or ordinary noises like a door closing. Clairaudient people often hear entire conversations as clear as if someone physical were right there. It is said that most often these sounds indicate a spirit guide or loved one relaying a message to you; but they can be just random noises from the other side (spirit realm.)

Have you ever heard someone shout your name when nobody could possibly be around? Alvarez says that this could mean that when we are not open to receiving messages from our guides, they shout at times if the message is important enough. The shouting makes it hard to ignore an incoming message and even if the message can’t be discerned immediately, the shout at least makes it so we are more aware and open to receive it.


Someone who is a clairscentrist is able to smell something that is very clearly not of this realm. They can intuitivly smell a scent and decipher what the smell means or what message is behind it. Now Alvarez warns that before discerning whether you are a clairscentrist, that you have to rule out any possibility of what could be causing the scent around you BEFORE coming to the conclusion that it from the spirit realm. You don’t want to mistake a rotting potato in your pantry for a warning from your spirit guide about someone who dislikes potatoes or something…

A good way to know that have clairscent abilities is if you are the only person who can smell the scent. Sometimes scents can come as a way of helping the individual identify who may be sending the scent; a passed loved one for example. If you always associated the smell of pipe tobacco with your deceased grandfather, he could be trying to get your attention. Or if your spirit guides know that you have a difficult time handling stress but the scent of lavender soothes you, they might send you the scent of lavender to comfort you during a particularly stressful situation.


Meaning “clear emotion”, it is the ability to feel another’s emotions or attitudes within yourself. Someone who is clairempathetic is able to feel another’s thoughts and physical energy as well. Being an empath can be incredibly draining; imagine being one and standing in a room full of a large group of people who all have experienced a tragedy and absorbing those feelings. It’s important to learn how to differentiate feelings that are originating from someone else and your own feelings. Alvarez states that she believes that being an empath is one of the most difficult intuitive abilities to control. You could be hit out of nowhere with intense, overpowering feelings. One minute you’re fine, the next you’re crying violently or feeling incredibly happy with no present reason for either. The reasons for the sudden outbursts are usually revealed later; if you are in tune with your empathic abilities.


The ability to taste things from the spirit realm. These tastes can be associated with a specific person, place, or thing without putting anything in your mouth. These tastes can be either from the past, present or future. If you’ve ever had a sudden and strong, strange taste in your mouth and you couldn’t figure out where it came from, you could be clairgustance. Let’s explain further with an example. Let’s say you’re a nurse and while performing tests on an elderly woman, you have the intense taste of oranges in your mouth. Later, the tests reveal that this woman was low in vitamin C. This was no coincidence- you were being given an intuitive impression through taste.


This is often called a “gut feeling.” An intuitive with clairsentience just has a a feeling or a “knowing” about a hidden knowledge or forgotten fact. It can be felt throughout the entire body. An example would be if you knew someone was going to call before they did. If you’ve ever been suddenly uncomfortable like you were being watched and then discovered someone was indeed staring at you, this is clairsentience. Clairsentience also comes in the form of warnings or first impressions. Say you meet somebody and your first impression is incredibly negative despite no indicators of them being bad from the conversation. But you couldn’t shake the feeling there was something off with the person and why you weren’t responding positively to them. Come to find out months down the road that that person was abusing their significant other.


Meaning “clear touching,” is the ability to touch something and interpret the energy contained within an object and gain knowledge that wasn’t known before. This is also known as psychometry. You could receive information about an object’s history or people who have owned it in the past. This can also be done with people as well. Have you ever brushed up against someone you didn’t know and suddenly was washed with feelings that weren’t your own or a vision?


If you’ve ever known something that you couldn’t possibly know- this is claircognizance. Meaning “clear knowing,” claircognizance is when information suddenly comes to you and you know without a doubt that it is true, despite never being qualified to know or knowing how you know. An example would be a person who knows nothing about gardening but upon seeing a garden, knows the exact reason why the corn isn’t growing and suggests to plant them deeper. This ability comes from our higher selves. To us, it seems to come out of the blue, but in reality, it is us taping into the Source (spiritual realm) of all knowledge. The difference between a regular thought and a claircognizant thought is that a claircognizant thought has no fear attached. There is no doubting or “what ifs.” You may be asked how you know and you can only say, “I just know.” It’s a feeling from the very depths of your soul that speaks through to you and allows you to know or feel things.

Me personally, I have quite a few of these abilities. I am claircognizant, clairempathic, clairsentient, clairaudient, clairvoyant and clairtangent. My abilities vary in the degree of which I have them. I am mostly claircognizant and clairsentient. I receive messages daily or have insights to things I just know or feel without having to know how I came about the knowing. Although, I still have issues with doubting them and I am working on releasing that doubt each day. I also am incredibly empathetic-I sense others feelings VERY easily. This can be quite draining for me and I can tend to have these feelings latch onto me and find it difficult to not let them consume me. Over the years I have worked on releasing these feelings that like to attach to me; but it is something I will always be working on. This enables me to often sense how a person is feeling without having to ask them. I have always been clairaudient but in the last year I have become even more so. It usually happens when I am meditating in bed. I usually hear either a soothing melody, a low humming sound, high-pitched ringing, or what sounds like whispering. Each time these sounds bring a calming presence and help me transcend into my meditations. I believe it is my guides letting me know they are with me. My clairvoyance comes in the form of my dreams. For example, the other night I had a dream that my coworker was telling my boss that I was going to her to answer my questions too much. The following day, my boss very politely reminded me that when it came to particular files, to direct my questions to the paralegal over that file. It also comes to me in deja-vu. I always have said that if I have deja-vu frequently, my life is on track. My clairtangent is my least tuned in ability. I can sense some energy with crystals, but for the most part that is where that ability stops. I am about to embark on a spiritual journey with a mentor that I am beyond excited about! I hope that during this mentorship, I can learn to harness more of my psychic and intuitive abilities so that I can better align my life and use my gifts to help bring about the life I deserve.

There are plenty of exercises you can find online to help enhance any of these abilities yourself. But my biggest advice is to just be aware when they happen and to not doubt them. They are real and can have the powerful capability of bringing about the most wonderful life for you! The more you connect with these powers, the more you connect with your Highest Self, your spirit guides, and your purpose in this life. You were given these abilities for a reason; why not see what good they can do for you or others?

What abilities do you have?

I would love to hear stories about where you discovered you had a certain psychic ability or experience!

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