Take YOUR Break!

Bonjour! Today’s thought is about giving yourself a much-needed break! This excerpt comes from the book Touchstones.

“I got the blues thinking of the future, so I left off and made some marmalade. It’s amazing how it cheers one up to ‘shred oranges and scrub the floor.” – D.H. Lawrence

Focusing on pain or having difficulties can put us in a rut, and we neglect the other things in our lives. A simple task like making marmalade can be a brief vacation. We change our thought patterns when we change our activities. The simple act of doing something pleasant might inject a new feeling into our outlook. Sharing a problem with a friend may be all we need to see it more clearly or let it go. Moving from busy physical activity to a few moments of quiet contemplation creates an inner balance. A problem that seems overwhelming at night may be met with new insight and new energy after a night’s rest.

We don’t have to continue feeling like victims of circumstance or remain stuck with a nagging problem. Just like changing the subject of a conversation, we can change the subject of our attention for a time. When we do, we regain our sense of hope and change our responses.


So, this excerpt is similar to the last on how we change our thoughts, but this is how our changed activities we involve ourselves in helping with those changed thoughts and feelings. It really does make a difference when we find little activities that can make us feel better, or as I have stated before, give us a healthy distraction when we need one. Remember your list of things you enjoy–as the quote says–even if it’s making marmalade and then cleaning up afterwards. To someone, that activity could save their day. Keep it simple. And do what you enjoy. Give yourself a break from the tiresome droll of daily life that we all have to go through with one of these activities.

So, I challenge you to say to yourself today, “I will give myself a break when I become caught or obsessed with a problem.”

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