Incoming Message!

G’day, beautiful creatures!

Today’s thought is on messages we send ourselves! This excerpt comes from the book Today’s Gift.

“Life gives us so much time to collect bizarre thoughts and feelings.” -Claire Weekes

As we go through life, we run into all kinds of negative messages: teasing on the school bus, insulting nicknames, and other put-downs. Pretty soon we may discover that some of these messages stick in our minds, repeating themselves over and over like broken records. These messages can make us feel bad about ourselves.

But when we hear one of these tapes playing inside us, we have the power to push the STOP button. Then we can record a new message. We can even say it out loud so that our voice settles emphatically into our thoughts. We can’t make others stop saying these things, but we can stop listening to them. They only have the power over us when we give it to them. We have the ability and freedom to let negative thoughts float by us, like water going downstream.

This could never be truer. “What we think we become.” It’s the same for what we think, we feel. It’s so easy to get caught up in the sad thoughts, to where it becomes so frequent, it can then turn into being comfortable. To change our mindsets, especially the messages we send to ourselves is hard and can be scary when you have been so used to sending yourself messages that hinder you, bring you down, or beat you up. This is one of the things I struggle with the most. I am incredibly hard on myself, so much so that I will beat myself up for the tiniest things. Or I will overthink a situation and catastrophize when all I needed to do was wait for the situation to play out. But I sent myself the message it was going to end badly, so that’s usually how it goes. What if I were to have said, “It will be okay, you will get through it.” If I had, it probably would’ve ended up being totally fine. But we are creatures of habit. If we have a habit of letting others or ourselves tear us down with what they think about us, or how we think of ourselves if it’s negative. We’re quick to think of something bad that others or ourselves have thought about us, but slow to think of the good things said. It will take time to restructure our thoughts to be more positive, but it can be done!

I challenge you to send one positive message to yourself today!

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