Let’s Feel Good!

Hello, everyone! Today’s thought is on feeling good, an excerpt from the book The Language of Letting Go by Melody Beattie.

Feeling Good

It’s our job to first make ourselves feel better and then make ourselves feel good. Recovery is not only about stopping painful feelings; it is about creating a good life for ourselves.

We don’t have to deny ourselves activities that help us feel good. Going to meetings, basking in the sun, exercising, taking a walk, or spending time with a friend are healthy activities that may help us feel good. We each have our list. If we don’t, we’re now free to explore, experiment, and develop that list. 

When we find a healthy behavior or activity that produces a good feeling, put it on the list. Then, do it frequently. 

Let’s stop denying ourselves good feelings and start doing things that make us feel good.


Now, right here, is a powerful thought for the day! Who else has ever gotten so deep into a slump, that all the old activities they used to love bores or tires them out now? When you feel that down, doing pretty much anything can be a chore in itself. And a lot of times, we may not be able to think of any activity that helps in those dark moments-our minds are so clouded by the pain or sadness, no other thoughts can enter. Sometimes we can get stuck in that rut of feeling bad, and in a way, find it more comfortable than trying something new, because new things are scary when we’re down and the bad feelings we have known so long make it easier for us to stay in them, right? But what is amazing is that there are TONS of activities you can delve into or try today that just might help you feel better or at least give you a healthy distraction from those pestering thoughts. For me, it’s usually painting, journaling, playing with my cats, going outside, yoga, meditation, or even something as simple as making a cup of tea for myself. So, I challenge you to say to yourself today, “Today, I will do one healthy activity or behavior that I know will create a good feeling for me. If I’m uncertain about what I like, I will experiment with one behavior today.”

You may even find something that makes you feel better AND that you really enjoy. Explore and experiment with your list today, my friends! I promise it will be a step in a happy direction for you! Share with me some of the things that work with you! I’d love to hear from you all!

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